About Us
For the past 33 years the staff of Unico Grande Golf Course has preserved the natural beauty and ​charm of this coures.
In keeping with the original  design and vegetation, native plants are allowed to blossom creating a natu-ral haven in the heart of the capital city of nearly 10 million people.This well groomed golf course allows golfers a year round enjoyment of the settings in all seasons, nicluding the shades of Pines which paral-lels every hole at Unico Grande Golf Couse. Renovation to the greens have added a degree of difficulty which enchances the challenging nature of the course one of the oldest and most prestigious course in Bangkok.

Come one come all but come with a game plan because Unico Grande's 18 holes layout appears easier at first glance than it plays. At the end of the day you will find that most of your golf clubs are used equally. Unless you can run the ball like golfers in the British lsles or stop a high lofted pitch on adime American style, beating this course will be a challenge.

While there are many other golf courses in the city, the nost convenient and friendliest of serviceis found at Unico Grande Golf Course. With travel time of less then 25 minutes from downtown Bangkok it is fo no surprise that this is the home course to city golfers.